Plan your career

Choosing a career depends on more than simply your qualifications. Your skills, interests, character and values are just as important. Taking time to assess what you want, what you are capable of and what your options are will pay off when it comes to making a decision about what your next step will be.

Don't know what you want to do?

Many people will be in the same situation. Come in and see us and read our guide on where to start.

Research your career options

Exploring different jobs and industries is an important step in deciding on your career path. Start with our our A-Z of occupations and industries.

When should I start planning?

To take full advantage of what we can offer you, the sooner you start the better. There are opportunities to develop your skills and research your career options from your first day at university.

If you are in your final year, take a look at our calendar of action for your final year.

Prospects Student Career Guide


For students at any stage of their career planning. Click the image to launch the digital version or pick up a paper copy at your local careers centre