Research and preparation  

Research is the essential first stage before you complete any job application. What do you want to know, and where will you find the information you need?

What attracts you to a career with this company?

When the interviewer asks a question like the one above (and they will ask it) be sure to have an answer. Obviously you want a job - but why this job, and why this employer? In short you need to;

  • Know the job
  • Know the employer
  • Know the industry

What graduate employees think

  • Glassdoor
    Millions of company reviews and ratings, salary reports, interview questions and more.
    Includes company ‘insider' interviews and past interview questions.
  • The Job Crowd
    100s of employers reviewed by employees.
  • Rate my Placement
    Undergraduate placement, internship and work experience reviews.
  • The Student Room
    Profiles of UK employers and professional qualification providers.
  • Target jobs Inside Buzz
    Graduate employees give their view on employer culture, training, salary and benefits.


  • Follow employers and see how they present themselves to potential recruits, and to industry peers and competitors.
  • Make connections with current employees of your target employer(s) and others across the industry.
  • Use LinkedIn Pulse to explore current issues in your chosen industry.
  • See Using LinkedIn for more on this.

Using social media

  • Employers use Facebook, Twitter and You Tube to engage with potential recruits and to communicate the culture of their organisation.
  • Follow organisations and learn how they wish to be seen, and what their key messages are.
  • See Online Networking for more on this.

Industry information

Clean up your e-profile

While you’re researching a prospective employer, don’t forget they’re likely to be researching you! What you say and do online could prevent you from getting an interview or even cause you to lose your job. Find out more about managing your online presence

contentbox-exclaim-orange.gif77% of employers use Google, or other search-engines to check out prospective employees. What could they find out about you? Will it get you the job, or ruin your chances?