Drawing and other visual methods such as collage have an important role to play in every discipline, not just those such as art and design with which they are usually associated.

Among the many potential functions of drawing, the most common include:

Drawing to Learn Booklets

Drawing to Learn: Arts & Humanities Drawing to Learn: Business, Education, Law, Management & Social Science Drawing to Learn: Clinical Education, Health and Social Care Drawing to Learn: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

We have published a set of four A5 booklets to support the use of drawing in higher education, each addressed to a broad cluster of disciplines.They offer a brief introduction to the ways in which drawing and other visual methods may be used to support undergraduate and postgraduate learning and research. We hope the ideas and examples will encourage lecturers and supervisors to explore the possibilities in their own teaching.  Click on the cover images or title list above to download the booklets.   If you would like to discuss the ideas raised in the books, please contact the authors Pauline Ridley (p.ridley@brighton.ac.uk) and Angela Rogers (drawingdialogue@gmx.com). If you would like to receive one or more print copies for your own institution, please email p.ridley@brighton.ac.uk.

Other resources include:

Some other useful external resources are listed below:

Drawing, observation and recording

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