Developing a sustainable community, institution or society must address environmental, social, political, economic and cultural aspects. 'Governance' relates to the way in which we manage people, structures within institutions, and in order to progress towards sustainability we must integrate 'good' governance practices.

The university monitors its sustainability performance by reporting progress against its policies, strategies and targets to the Sustainable Development Strategy Advisory Group (SDSAG) and the Carbon Management Programme Board (CMPB).

View the university’s policies and strategies for sustainability here.

The Sustainable Development Strategy Advisory Group (formerly the Sustainable Development Policy Management Group) was set up in 2006-07, and is a high level group which embeds sustainable development in the university governance, policy and beyond. The group oversees the university’s Sustainable Development Policy and is chaired by Sue McHugh, Chief Operating Officer.

The Carbon Management Program Board (CMPB), also chaired by Sue McHugh, Chief Operating Officer, was created following the production of the university's Carbon Management Plan

Further to this, grassroots activities and suggestions from staff and students from the Sustainability Action Networks are reported to their relevant Campus Management Group. This is a powerful tool for marrying bottom-up and top-down change.

Trade Union representation

Trade Union representatives are invited to feed into the development of sustainability policy and practice, whether operational or academic, by contacting Environmental Manager Abigail Dombey at

Student representation

“Students are represented on all university committees relating to the estates, planning, finance and resource allocation, through the University of Brighton Students' Union.

This is supported by the inclusion of students on the Board of Governors, where both the Brighton SU President and another elected member of the SU are members, overseeing resource allocation and finance.

The Carbon Management Programme Board, Campus Management Groups, Equality and Diversity Committee  and Safety and Wellbeing Committee are all attended by student representatives who feedback on all matters relating to the Estate.

Students are also included on the Academic Board, Academic Development, Academic Standards, and Sustainability Research, Cirriculum and Partnerships Forum, all of which deal with the forward planning of the university.” Cat Bach, Students' Union Vice President for Campus Development, 2016-17 and for coming acdemic year 2017-18.


Litter Picking in Falmer

Members of the Falmer SAN started a litter picking campaign to keep the site enjoyable and clean.

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