School of Health Sciences

Sustainability means meeting our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

As a result the School of Health Sciences (SHS) is committed to:

  • achieving sustainable working practices
  • delivering education about sustainability in healthcare
  • supporting research into sustainability in healthcare
  • encouraging staff and students to be responsible for sustainability within their professional practice

For further details on this commitment see our strategy



Sustainability in Wellness

and Health Symposium 

10th June 2015

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Sustainability Specialist Interest Group (SIG)

The SIG aims to establish sustainability within the School informing its activities of learning, research and partnerships.  The SIG will also foster and maintain links with the Centre for health research to support research into sustainability in the health and social care settings.  Current research activity is related to the following research areas:

  • Wellbeing, health and inequalities research
  • Professional competence

If you would like to join the SIG or you just have a query or comment for the group email

SIG Updates - December 2014

The proposal for the SIG was accepted on 28/11/14. 

Learning and teaching

  • The SHS undergraduate curriculums are being mapped for sustainability provision

Research activity

  • H. Baid is submitting ethics approval for sustainability related research

Partnership working

  • The group are organising a symposium on 10th June 2015 – ‘Sustainability in Wellness and Health’ and have put out a call for papers.

The next SIG forum 22/01/14 12:30 Westlain 361

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