c-change is here...

c-change is our bespoke carbon reduction campaign, especially designed to engage, inspire and support University of Brighton staff and students to cut carbon, both at University and also in our personal lives.

Being part of c-change is easy. Just look out for c-change carbon saving actions and advice, and change your habits when you can. Actions we could take could be as simple as switching off our computers when we’re not using them, hopping on a bus or bike instead of driving, or turning the lights off if we’re the last to leave a room.


c-change is about creating a cultural shift – making carbon cutting behaviours the social norm. This happens best through peer-to-peer learning, picking up habits and ideas from one another and passing them on when we can. So, there’ll be loads of opportunities to get involved with actively encouraging and inspiring others around you to get on board and do their bit too.

We’re always be looking for c-change champions across the university, with teams of staff and students forming in all departments to set new carbon cutting ideas in motion. c-change is about encouraging and enabling staff and students to take positive action to see the change that they want to see on their campus. 

If you have any queries or want to suggest ideas on how to reduce our carbon footprint please contact the c-change team at c-change@brighton.ac.uk

3 things you can do... 

Power Down
switch off, save energy

Travel Light
buses and pedal power cut carbon

Log on, Join in

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