c-change - cutting carbon across our campuses

c-change is our bespoke carbon reduction campaign, especially designed to engage, inspire and support University of Brighton staff and students to cut carbon, both on campus and in our personal lives.

The campaign, led by the University’s Environment Team, runs fun and interactive engagement activities across all our campuses and halls throughout the academic year – games, competitions, challenges, freebie giveaways, social media campaigns, walks, talks, workshops and volunteering opportunities, to name just a few!

Other ways to support c-change

There are three key ways staff and students can support the c-change campaign:

  • switch off – turning off lights, computers and equipment when not needed
  • recycle – reducing waste on campus, and reusing or recycling any waste produced
  • travel smart – travelling sustainably to campus, avoiding driving in alone wherever possible


Get involved

See our getting involved page for information on student volunteering opportunities, the c-change Green Impact departmental champions scheme, and lots of other ways to help make our university a greener place.

And check out our events page for details on our annual engagement weeks - such as Green Week, Bike Week, and Travel Week, and our campaigns - such as our Big Xmas Switch Off, halls recycling competition, and halls Reuse Project.

Get in the loop

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