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Dr Roger Evans


Computing, Engineering and Mathematics

Telephone: +441273642907



Roger Evans is a research team leader in the Natural Language Technology Group

His research interests include

  • Applications of computer technology (knowledge representation, advanced algorithms, machine learning), particularly to problems which involve the use of natural (human) languages, including natural language generation, information extraction, text and data mining, sentiment and genre analysis.
  • Knowledge representation, especially as it relates to language: lexicons, ontologies, semantic web, multilingual representation.
  • Language-based components of user interfaces: advanced interface localisation, free text issues.
  • Architectures and tools for language processing systems.

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Al Alshaikh, Modhi, Uchyigit, Gulden and Evans, Roger (2017) A research paper recommender system using a dynamic normalized tree of concepts model for user modelling In: RCIS 2017: IEEE 11th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science, Brighton, 10-12 May 2017.

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