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Dr Martin De Saulles BA, MSc, DPhil

Principal Lecturer

Computing, Engineering and Mathematics

Telephone: +441273643503


Twitter: @mdesaulles

Digital Marketing, Innovation and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Welcome to my personal page on the University of Brighton website.  I've worked here since 2003 and currently teach across several business and computing undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  Subjects I teach include:

At the university, I am a member of the Social Informatics Research Unit (SIRU) and carry out research in areas related to marketing and the information economy.


Before joining the University of Brighton in 2003, I worked in the advertising, marketing and management consulting sectors as well as running my own business that offered services to information professionals. A potted career history is below:

  • Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton
  • Data Market Development Manager, Royal Mail
  • Managing Director, Researcha Ltd
  • Senior Analyst, Analysys
  • Information Manager, Mercer Management Consulting
  • Research Fellow, University of Brussels
  • Media Planner & Buyer, J Walter Thompson


  • DPhil, Science and Technology Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, 2000
  • MSc, Science and Technology Policy, University of Sussex, 1993
  • BA (Hons), Library and Information Studies, University of Brighton, 1992

Selected Academic Publications

De Saulles, M. 2015. Push and Pull Approaches to Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool. Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Social Media, 9-10 July, p105-111 (ISBN 978-1-910810-31-6)

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De Saulles, M. 2000. Innovation Within the Service Sector: the use of interactive networks by retailers, DPhil thesis, Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex

Other Publications

De Saulles, M. 2012. [Review of the book, Too Big To Know] in Times Higher Education, 15-21 March, p52

De Saulles, M. 2011. [Review of the book, The Master Switch] in Times Higher Education, 10-16 March, p54-55

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2011. Beyond Web 2.0: new models of information production, distribution and consumption, CILIP Sussex Talk, Brighton, 19 May 2011 

2010. Uses of Web 2.0, AOSEC Learning Resource Centres Network Meeting, Sparsholt College, 28 April 2010. 

2010. The Portable Panopticon: morality and mobile technologies, 1st ETICA Conference, Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona, Spain, 13 April 2010 

2008. Web 2.0: where are we, where are we going?, ARLIS Workshop, Chelsea College of Art and Design, 12 September 2008. 

2008. The Future of Information Work: Course Development in Library/Information Departments, BIALL Annual Study Conference and Exhibition, Dublin, 13 June 2008. 

2008. Web 2.0: Fools Gold or Yellow Brick Road? BIALL Annual Study Conference and Exhibition, Dublin, 12 June 2008.

2007. Web 2.0 in Your Library, talk to Sussex sub-branch of CILIP South East, Hastings, 7 November 2007. 

2005. When FOI Met PSI: Opportunities and Challenges, CIPFA-s Better Governance Forum workshop, Edinburgh, 22 November 2005.

2005. When FOI Met PSI: Opportunities and Challenges, CIPFA-s Better Governance Forum workshop, London, 13 September 2005

My Professional Activities

External examiner at City University, London (2008 - 2011)

Member of Organising Committee, European Conference on E-Government 2014, Brasov, Romania.

Member of Organising Committee, European Conference on Social Media 2014, Brighton, England.


Professional Membership

Member of UK Electronic Information Group (UKeiG)