University staff profile

Dr George Tsekouras

Principal Research Fellow

Brighton Business School


George currently leads CENTRIM research in the area of learning and knowledge sharing among different firms; what has been termed as, in the academic literature, learning networks.

He is founder and Lead Academic of the Profitnet network, which includes 430 United Kingdom firms and more than 100 internationally. The network is currently active in the UK, Ireland and South Africa.

He leads research in diverse aspects of knowledge sharing such as:

  • organisational development of the pertinent processes IT capabilities
  • learning networks in less developed regions
  • knowledge sharing in the context of emerging sectors.

George has also worked in various other innovation management fields such as benchmarking, business processes, mobile services and regional development.

He has a first degree in mechanical engineering, a DPhil from SPRU. He has presented his work to various international conferences, has delivered several executives seminars and university lectures in the UK and overseas. He is also reviewer for international journals such as Research Policy, Organization Science and Industrial and Corporate Change.