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David Harley

Senior Lecturer

Applied Social Science

Telephone: +441273643472


Research interests

  • older people's appropriation of new technology
  • ethnographic studies of everyday technology use
  • mobile phone practices in public spaces
  • cyberpsychology
  • non-duality

Current projects

  • How does public mobile phone use affect intergenerational awareness and community cohesion?
  • Older people's computer club, the Hillcrest Centre, Newhaven
  • Digital absence – an online study of intersubjective presence/absence
  • Silence research


My experience and education span both the technical and human spheres. An electronic engineer by trade, my first degree was in psychology with subsequent work in community care in the areas of mental health and learning disabilities. I recently completed my PhD in the areas of human computer interaction (HCI) and accessible design. During this period I researched older people's appropriation of computers and the Internet and aspects of intergenerational design.

I have also worked in industry for some years as a user experience consultant working with organisations such as the NHS, MacMillan Cancer Support and Random House Books. I am currently involved in my own research looking at mobile phone use in public spaces.


Number of items: 16.

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