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Research Interests

  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Social Theory
  • Sociology of work
  • Sports Violence
  • Deviancy in Sport
  • Pleasure and the emotions


Dr. Christopher R. Matthews is a senior lecturer in sociology of sport and course leader of the BA(Hons.) Sports Studies degree. His research has focused on gender theory, men's health, drug use, violence, combat sports and inequality in the workplace. He is currently conducting projects exploring men who dance, sports fan cultures, media representation of female athletes and developing an anti violence community engagement project. He has recently finished a project for the Higher Education Academia and with colleagues is editing his second book which explores teaching sociology. He has published in a variety of peer review journals and is also the book review editor for the International Journal of Masculinity Studies. He has recently jointly edited the book 'Global Perspectives on Women in Combat Sports: Women Warriors around the World'.

If you are interested in studying for a PhD with Christopher he would be delighted to hear from you. In particular he welcomes enquiries from prospective research students with an interest in gender and masculinity studies, violence in sport, combat sports, sporting utopias and the sociology of work.

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Research Publications

Number of items: 20.

Channon, Alex, Khomutova, Anastasiya and Matthews, Christopher (2018) Moving Lessons: Teaching Sociology through Embodied Learning in the HE Classroom In: Matthews, Christopher, Edgington, U. and Channon, Alex, eds. Teaching with Sociological Imagination in Higher and Further Education. Springer, UK. ISBN 9789811067242

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