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PhD and professional doctorate completions

PhD completions
Name Title Year of completion
Dr Charlotte Hawkins PhD A study of the treatment of metatarsus adductus and the prevalence of spontaneous resolution 1999
Dr Carrie Britton PhD Families' experience of health care programmes in the home related to the management of juvenile idiopathic arthritis 2001
Dr Michael Troke PhD Motion analysis of the lumbar spine 2001
Dr Julie Gripton PhD Development and validation of the foot health and activities questionnaire, a first generation podiatric outcome measure for determining quality of life 2002
Dr Teresa Pountney PhD The effect of postural management of hip dislocation in children with cerebral palsy 2002
Dr Saleh Oraibi PhD Rehabilitation at home following stroke in Jordan 2002
Dr Lucy Goldby PhD Physiotherapy management of chronic low back pain 2003
Dr Alan Hough PhD Longitudinal movement of peripheral nerves measured by Doppler ultrasound 2004
Dr Liz Bryant PhD The effect of retirement on lower limb strength, joint range of motion, balance performance and physical activity levels 2005
Dr Lucy Redhead PhD The role of muscle activity in shoulder instability – Had two vivas 2005
Dr Fiona Jones PhD Key factors which influence resumption of activity and participation in daily life following stroke 2005
Dr Josephine Durkin PhD Developing powered mobility with children who have multiple and complex disabilities moving forward 2006
Dr Oluwaleke Sokunbi PhD Effects of stabilisation exercise on subclinical chronic low back pain 2007
Dr Tanja Stamm PhD Occupational balance in people with rheumatoid arthritis 2007
Dr Ivan Birch PhD A measurement technique for the study of subtalar joint movement during the contact phase of walking 2007
Dr Marion Martin PhD The Phenomenon of Boredom 2007
Dr Ian Marsh PhD Understanding and supporting suicidal clients 2008
Dr Joanne Zamani PhD Exercise in the osteopathic management of low back pain 2008
Dr Simon Otter PhD Early Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA); generation, development and validation of an assessment and outcome measure for the foot and lower limb 2008
Dr Cristina Argel de Melo PhD A home-based exercise programme for older Portuguese people 2009
Dr Edwin Lee Phd Musculoskeletal complications of naso-pharyngeal carcinoma patients and the efficacy of physiotherapy intervention 2009
Dr Jon Wright PhD A phenomenological exploration of the process of optimal experiences 2009
Dr Matthew Hankins PhD by Publication The application of classical test theory to the development of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) in health services research 2009
Dr Cynthia Formosa PhD Culture and management of diabetes in Malta 2009
Dr Neil Osborne PhD Neck-eye movement co-ordination in normal subjects and chronic neck pain sufferers 2010
Dr Devinder Kaur Ajit-singh PhD The effects of ageing on the morphology and function of the lumbar extensor musculature 2010
Dr Tshui Hung Ha PhD Measurement of lumbar spinal posture and motion using inertial sensors 2010
Dr Eduardo Cruz PhD Clinical reasoning in musculoskeletal physiotherapy in Portugal 2011
Dr Mohammed Naser PhD Low back pain: patients' experiences and physiotherapy management in the Gaza Strip 2011
Dr Neil Osborne PhD The parameters of the cervico-ocular reflex in subjects with and without neck pain 2011
Dr Channine Clarke PhD Occupational therapy students' experiences of role-emerging placements and their influence on professional practice 2012


Professional doctorate completions
Name Title Year of completion
Dr Mary Morley A realist evaluation of a preceptorship programme for newly qualified occupational therapists 2008
Dr Mairghread Ellis An exploration of the nature of the patient-podiatrist relationship 2008
Dr Donna Glover Professionalism within the clinical context of the patient/podiatrist relationship 2008
Dr Nikki Petty Towards clinical expertise: learning transitions of neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapists 2009
Dr Marian Hooson The lived experience of returned to work rehabilitation following traumatic brain injury 2010
Dr Peter Resteghini Injection therapy in the management of osteoarthritis of the knee 2010
Dr Ginny Humphreys Posture and sleep in children with cerebral palsy 2010
Dr Alison Blake Recognising foot health needs in rheumatoid arthritis 2010
Dr Margaret Hewett Patient experiences of transient ischaemic attack 2011
Dr Carol McCrum Personal experiences of acute non-specific low back pain 2011
Dr Sally Martin-Young Collage: A tool to promote healthy occupation and well-being in retirement 2011
Dr Tanya Gibson Factors influencing the use of postural management equipment for children with cerebral palsy 2012
Dr Joanne Gladwin The interactional phenomenon of empathy in the private musculoskeletal physiotherapeutic encounter 2012
Dr Bernadette Henderson Experienced cardiorespiratory physiotherapists' understandings of their interactive behaviours with chronically breathless patients 2012
Dr Mary Sexton Patient-centredness: a conceptual framework for musculoskeletal physiotherapy 2012