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Health promotion, policy and practice

Related staff

Name Research interests
Professor Shirley Bach Applied psychology; promoting health; evaluating education.
Dr Chris Cocking Social and health psychology; CAMHS; topics relating to mass emergencies ('mass panic', crowd management, psychological trauma, 1st responders, social support etc); research into sensitive topics.
Professor John Kenneth Davies Health and social inequalities; theoretical modelling of interventions in health promotion; disease prevention and health protection; health promotion capacity-building; international and European health promotion and public health policy; healthy settings; salutogenic indicators of health and wellbeing.
Dr Nina Dunne Paediatric; renal.
Natalie Edelman Sexual health, problem drug use, public involvement in research.
Dr Lisa Gugglberger Health promotion; HP settings approach; health promoting schools; qualitative research
Dr Theofanis Fotis  
Caroline Hall Healthy settings; working with vulnerable groups/health and social inequalities (migrants; young people/sexual health; older adults/healthy ageing; mental health); health promotion capacity building; international health promotion policy and practice; global curriculum research and development; health promotion indicator development; pedagogical strategies and health promotion workforce development; qualitative research.
Professor Val Hall Professional knowledge and decision making; inequalities in health; fathers' involvement in maternity services; breast feeding, maternal decision making; patient and public involvement in research; participatory research methods; use of virtual world technology.
Professor Angie Hart Inequalities in health; working with disadvantaged groups; resilience; community; university partnerships; child, family and community health; service user and practitioner involvement in research.
Jenny Hassall Encouraging a healthy lifestyle in pregnancy through nutrition and exercise; developing web-based learning resources.
Debbie Hatfield Impact assessment; early awareness and detection of cancer.
Pippa Hillen Public health issues; social inequalities; embedding in the curriculum.
Kathy Martyn Nutrition and schools/adolescents; health eating.
Dr Chrissy Panton Women's health issues and qualitative research methodology.
Dr Nigel Sherriff HIV prevention/risk-reduction; MSM and HIV; health promotion, public health and evaluation; health inequalities and the health gradient; qualitative research; social justice; young people and health (especially substance misuse, sexual health, HIV and physical activity); sexualities; gender identity ; young fathers and parenthood; social identity theory; peer group cultures.
Carol Williams Maternal and child health; obesity prevention; international child health; peer support; formative research; HIV and infant feeding; social marketing; healthy eating; diet and cancer; food labelling and consumer advocacy; food and nutrition policy analysis and development; programme planning; communication and training.
Dr Laetitia Zeeman Social justice; sexualities; gender appreciative approaches to facilitation of wellbeing.