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Consultancy, commercial contract research and bespoke education services

The School of Health Sciences runs a business development unit which acts as a rapid response area for all requests for consultancy and bespoke work.

The unit is seen as the central point for all consultancy requests so that the school can react quickly in providing these services, and identifying the right academic, researcher or consultant to meet your needs.

Described below are some of our products and examples of work undertaken:

Quality Assurance Consultancy

Recognising Educational Quality (REQ) Mark

The Recognising educational Quality (REQ) mark is offered as an innovative way to attach academic quality to workplace learning and development programmes for education, training and conference events.

See our faculty's REQ website

Educational consultancy

The School of Health Sciences has experience of offering consultancy within the following area:

  • Learning needs analysis, skills audit and workforce planning
  • Educational consultancy and guest speaking on subjects such as: confidentiality, flexible learning and work-based learning.
  • Team development
  • Clinical supervision
  • Skills bank/clinical skills expertise
  • Capacity building
  • Education and training
  • Professional development

The consultancy will bring specialised skills in the areas you most need it, enabling you to find suitable solutions to your needs.

Bespoke education

We can tailor education to meet our clients specified needs, for example developing bespoke education/training programmes for our partner trusts and other valued clients. Programmes can cover a vast array of subject areas, however, recent examples include:

  • Tracheotomy training for nursing home staff
  • Venepuncture (beginners and advanced techniques)
  • Clinical supervisor education

An exciting course we are currently developing is a European Return to Nursing course. This module is being developed due to demand from EU nurses who are contacting us with advice from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) that they require a 'period of exposure' to a specified clinical or theoretical area. This work is being undertaken in accordance with the NMC circular 7/2008.

Commercial contract research

We have an active research centre with strong links to the NHS and the National Institute for Health Research. As such we are able of offer health-related research solutions to private sector companies and individuals. Recent commercial contracted research has been within the field of operational trials for new products with a health focus.

Client testimonial

The school and Maggie Stewart (academic) have undertaken operational trial research on my product, the Easidream™ cot rocker. I have been impressed with their professionalism and phenomenal knowledge. I look forward to working with them on future product development.

Lynda Harding, CEO, Sweetdreamers Ltd.

Our clients and networks

The School of Health Sciences is contracted to 13 trusts within the South East Coast Strategic Health Authority. The school networks with these trusts in a number of ways and we have an education liaison linked with all trusts within our local area. These staff members are educators with many years experience. They each have a clinical background so understand the key areas of importance to our clients. The education liaison team work very closely with the business development unit to respond quickly to your needs and requirements in the most appropriate manner.

We also network with over 150 private, independent and 3rd sector (voluntary organisations, social enterprises and charities) healthcare providers. We have two education liaison individuals who work in geographical locals, meeting these clients' needs.

The school actively networks with European partners, both in terms of education and research. Currently we have over 30 international partners.