Download this vCard Dr. Jianfei Xie
Former Research Student
Main affiliation: Modelling research division

School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics
University of Brighton
Cockcroft Building, Lewes Road
Brighton BN2 4GJ, United Kingdom

Research Project:

Supervisory team:



  • Cao B.-Y, Xie J.-F and Sazhin S., (2011)
    Molecular dynamics simulation on evaporation and condensation of n-dodecane at liquid-vapour phase equilibria [J]
    Journal of Chemical Physics 134, 164309.
  • Li C.W. and Xie J.-F, (2011)
    Numerical modelling of free surface flow over submerged and high flexible vegetation [J]
    Advances in Water Resources 34, 468-477.
  • Zhong C.-W, Xie J.-F, Zhuo C.-S, Xiong S.-W and Yin D.-C, (2009)
    Simulation of Natural Convection under High Magnetic Field by means of the Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Method [J]
    Chinese Physics B 18, 4083.
  • Xie J.-F, Zhong C.-W, Zhang Y. and Yin D.-C, (2009)
    Simulation of Natural Convection Flow by the Lattice Boltzmann Method [J]
    Acta Mechanica Sinica, V41 (5): 635-640. (In Chinese).
  • Zhou Jifu, Zhong C.-W, Xie J.-F, Yin S.-Q, (2008)
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    08 International Symposium on Information Science and Engineering, Shanghai, China.