Download this vCard Dr. Simon Walters
Senior Lecturer
Main affiliation: Electrical research division

School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics
University of Brighton
Cockcroft Building, Lewes Road
Brighton BN2 4GJ, United Kingdom

+44 1273 642233

Research Interests:

  • Automotive electronics and electrical systems
  • Ignition systems and sparks; fuel injection systems
  • High voltage phenomena and electrical power systems
  • Instrumentation, sensors, transducers and condition monitoring
  • Intelligent systems, including neural networks, fuzzy logic and control systems
  • Internal combustion engines

Current Research Projects:

  • Research project supervision
  • Contract work
  • Two KTP projects

Previous Grants:

  • 'Pantograph-Catenary Interaction Framework for Intelligent Control (PACIFIC)', InterregIV project, UK Project Manager and Technical Specialist
  • 'Cross-Channel Centre for low Carbon Combustion (C5)', Interreg IVa, Technical Specialist on Intelligent Systems Section
  • 'Intelligent Vehicle On-board Systems (VBIS)', InterregIII, UK-side Project Manager and Technical Specialist
  • 'The Intelligent Engine II (IEII)', InterregIII, International Project Manager and Technical Specialist
  • 'The Intelligent Engine (IE)', Interreg, Technical Specialist
  • 'Transfrontier Centre for Automotive Research (TCAR)', Interreg, Technical Specialist
  • International Project Manager and Technical Specialist on The JMA Diesel Aero-engine


  • High Voltage Power, Distribution and Utilization (EO332) Module Leader
  • MEng Major Team Project (MEM01) - Module Leader
  • Electronics - Power Electronics (EO330)
  • Automotive Instrumentation and Testing (ME249) Module Leader
  • Course leader Automotive Engineering (Undergraduate Degrees)
  • Final Year BEng(Hons)/MEng/MSc Project Supervision

Other Details

  • CEng, MIET