Download this vCard Dr. Irina N. Shishkova
Visiting Researcher

Low Temperature Department
Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Krasnokazarmennaya, 14
Moscow 111250, Russia

+7 (495) 362-78-41
Fax:+7 (495) 362-7914

Fields of Interest:

  • Computational algorithms in molecular physics and heat - mass transfer.
  • The Botlzmann kinetic equation.
  • Low temperature physics.
  • Fluids dynamics.

Main Scientific Achievements

  • Development of numerical algorithms for strongly non-equilibrium multidimensional problems of evaporation and condensation of one-component substances, including He II.
  • Development of numerical algorithms for mixtures in the presence of heat and mass transfer.
  • Development and application of numerical algorithms for the analysis of gas-dust mixtures.

Current Research Projects

Previous Grants

  • TM-16 project "A study of helium phase transformations near the lambda point in microgravity" under the contract NAS 15-10110 between NASA and Russian Space Agency
  • EPSRC Grants (UK): EP/C527089/01; EP/E02243X/1
  • Grant 06-08-81013: Investigation of the heat-mass transfer distinctions in vapour-gas mixtures, including micro- and nano-particles, on the base of kinetic and fluid dynamic methods (Russian Foundation for Basic Research)
  • Grant 06-08-08201: Development of calculation methods and corresponding laboratory equipment for study of transfer processes on interface surfaces at strong non-equilibrium conditions (Russian Foundation for Basic Research)
  • Grant 04-02-16449: Study of nonequilibrium gas mixtures flows in the presence of evaporation and condensation processes (Russian Foundation for Basic Research)

Main Publications

  • Kryukov A.P., Levashov V.Yu., Shishkova I.N.
    Numerical analysis of strong evaporation-condensation through the porous matter.
    Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer. Vol.44, pp. 4119-4125. 2001.
  • Kryukov A.P., Levashov V.Yu., Shishkova I.N.
    Vapor flow with evaporation-condensation on solid particles.
    Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics. Vol.45, pp. 407-414. 2004.
  • Shishkova I.N. , Sazhin S.S.
    A numerical algorithm for kinetic modelling of evaporation processes.
    J. of Comp. Phys, Vol. 218(2), pp. 635-653.2006 .
  • Sazhin, S.S., Shishkova, I.N., Kryukov, A.P., Levashov, V.Yu., Heikal, M.R.
    Evaporation of droplets into a background gas: kinetic modelling.
    Int J Heat Mass Transfer, Vol. 50, pp. 2675-2691, 2007.
  • Sazhin, S.S., Shishkova, I.N., Kristyadi, T., Martynov, S.P. and Heikal, M.
    Droplet heating and evaporation: hydrodynamic and kinetic models.
    Heat Transfer Research, 2008, Vol 39, No. 4, pp. 293-303.
  • Sazhin S.S., Shishkova I.N.
    A kinetic algorithm for modelling the droplet evaporation process in the presence of heat flux and background gas.
    Atomization and Sprays. 2009. 19(5), P.473-489.
  • Kryukov A.P, Levashov V.Yu., Shishkova I.N.
    Evaporation in vapour-gas mixture.
    International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (in press 2009).