Download this vCard Dr. Irina Sheinman
Visiting Researcher
Associate professor

Department of Experimental Physics
Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University
Polytechnicheskaya, 29
Saint-Petersburg 195251, Russia

+7 (812) 552-77-90

Research Interests:

  • Spray modeling, droplets collision simulation.
  • Computational fluid dynamics, natural convection in chemically reactive liquids.
  • Assessment of reactive hazard in chemical industry, simulation of runaway reaction in solids and liquids.

Current Research Projects:

  • A universal spray model for engineering applications. Grant 10-08-92602-KO_a, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Royal Society, 2010-2011.

Previous Grants:

  • ISTTC Project 1498 “System of Thermal Safety of Chemical Technologies”, 04.2000 – 02.2007.
  • CRDF Project “Creating new generation of methodology and software for pressure protection management and assessment of reaction hazards in petrochemical and chemical industry”, Award Number: RUC2-2805-ST-06, 10.2005 – 10.2006.


  • Physics for B.Sc. Technology and materials, St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University.


  • ChemInform Saint-Petersburg (CISP) Ltd., St.-Petersburg, Russia (from 1994).
  • Russian Scientific Centre “Applied chemistry”, St.-Petersburg, Russia (from 1994).
  • ThermoSteel Ltd. , St.-Petersburg, Russia (1991-1992).

Selected Publications:

  • I.Ya. Sheinman, A. Yu. Snegirev.
    Simulation of droplets collisions in gas-drop jet.
    (In Russian). Bulletin of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University. - 2011. (In press).
  • I.Ya. Sheinman, A.A. Kossoy.
    Effect of solar radiation and diurnal variation of air temperature on determination of safe conditions of reactive liquids transportation.
    (In Russian). – Proceedings of 5th Russian National Conference of Heat Transfer. - 2010.- V.3. – P. 148 - 152.
  • A.Kossoy, I. Sheinman.
    Effect of temperature gradient in sample cells of adiabatic calorimeters on data interpretation.
    Thermochimica Acta. – 2010. - V.500. - P.93-99.
  • A.Kossoy, I. Sheinman.
    Comparative analysis of the methods for SADT determination.
    Journal of Hazardous Materials. – 2007. V.142. - P.626-638.
  • A.Kossoy, I. Sheinman.
    Evaluating thermal explosion hazard by using kinetics-based simulation approach.
    Process Safety and Environmental Protection. (B6).– 2004. – V. 82.- Nov.- P. 421-430.
  • I. Sheinman.
    Numerical simulation of thermal explosion development in storage of reactive liquids.
    - Progress in combustion and detonation. - Moscow: Torus Press Ltd. - 2004. - P.237-238.