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Visiting Professor
Main affiliation: Diesel research division

School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics
University of Brighton
Cockcroft Building, Lewes Road
Brighton BN2 4GJ, United Kingdom

Fax:+44 1273 642330

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Temperature and Heat Flow Measurements in a Turbocharged 'P' Type Doxford Engine
    C C J French, E R Hartles, M L Monaghan - BSRA Report NS 52, 1964
  • Thermal Stresses in the Doxford Pistons
    M L Monaghan - BSRA Report NS 53, 1964
  • The Evaluation of Thermal Strains in Marine Diesel Engine Components
    M L Monaghan - BSRA Report NS 223, 1968.

    (Note BSRA reports were subsequently made part of the Trans. NE Coast Inst. of Shipbuiding Engineers)

Refereed Conference Publications

  • Thermal Loading of Highly Rated, Two Cycle, Marine Diesel Engines
    C C J French, E R Hartles, M L Monaghan - CIMAC 1965
  • Application of Small Scientific Computers to Calculations for Prototype Engines
    M L Monaghan - I.Mech.E. Computers in Internal Combustion Engine Design, 1968
  • A Quantitative Rubber Model Analysis Technique
    M L Monaghan - I.Mech.E. Experimental Stress Analysis, 1970.
  • A Light Duty Diesel for America?
    M L Monaghan and J J McFadden - SAE 750330.
  • Stratified Charge Engines
    R A Haslett, M L Monaghan and J J McFadden - SAE 760755
  • Boosting for a Purpose
    M L Monaghan - I.Mech.E. Turbocharging and Turbochargers, 1978.
  • Two Ways to Boost a Light Duty Diesel
    M L Monaghan - SAE 790038.
  • The Potential of the High Speed Direct Injection Diesel
    M L Monaghan - International Energy Agency, Berlin, 1981.
  • Air Motion and Its Effect on Diesel Performance and Emissions
    M L Monaghan and H F Pettifer - SAE 810255.
  • The High Speed Direct Injection Diesel for Passenger Cars
    M L Monaghan - SAE 810477.
  • The Best High Speed Direct Injection Diesel Systems for Light Duty Applications
    M L Monaghan - I.Mech.E. C105/82, 1982.
  • A Wall Wetting Direct Injection Diesel for Passenger Cars
    M L Monaghan - FISITA 845040, Vienna, 1984.
  • The Use of an Electronically Controlled Unit Injector to Improve the Direct Injection Diesel
    M L Monaghan - SIA, Lyons, 1987.
  • Truck Engine Development to the Year 2000
    M L Monaghan - CIMAC, Warsaw, June 1987.
  • Emissions Regulations - The Relation between Stationary and Automotive Engines
    M L Monaghan - CIMAC Session, FISITA, Dearborn, Michigan, USA, 1988.
  • Putting Friction in its Place
    M L Monaghan - I Mech E Conf. - Reduction of Friction and Wear - C375/KN1, September 1989.
  • The Diesel Passenger Car in a Green World
    M L Monaghan - SIA, Lyon, June 1990.
  • The Design and Development of the High Speed Direct Injection Diesel
    M L Monaghan - Korea SAE Seminar, Seoul, Korea, May 9 1995.
  • The High Speed Direct Injection Diesel - Present and Future Perspectives
    M L Monaghan - IMechE, Lean Burn Conference, London, 1997.
  • Environmental Legislation and Engine Design
    M L Monaghan - IPC Conference, Melbourne 1999.
  • Warm-Up Strategies For a Methanol Reformer Fuel Cell Vehicle
    M.L. Monaghan, M. Sadler, R.P.G. Heath, R.H. Thring - FISITA 2000, Seoul, 2000.
  • System Integration for Fuel Cell Vehicles
    M L Monaghan, M Sadler, A J Stapleton, D G Greenwood, R H Thring - First Ricardo International Conference, Brighton, 2000.
  • A Single Regime Electric Power Split Transmission for Cars
    M L Monaghan, F Moeller, S Randle - VDI Conf. On Innovative Drive Trains, Dresden 2001.

Book Chapters

  • Introductory Chapter - Internal Combustion Engines
    M L Monaghan
    Editor - C Arcoumanis, Academic Press, 1988.

Invited/Keynote Lectures

  • Engine Friction - A Change in Emphasis
    M L Monaghan - The BP Tribology Lecture, I.Mech.E. Autotech Conference, December 1987.
  • Konstruirovanie i razrabotka semeistva avtomobilnyh dvigatelei (The design and development of an automotive engine family)
    M L Monaghan - British-Soviet Week, Moscow April 1989.
  • Road Vehicles and Emissions Regulations - A Global View
    M L Monaghan - Keynote Address I Mech E Conference - Worldwide Engine Emissions Standards and how to meet them" February 1991.
  • The Contribution of Design
    M L Monaghan - How Green is Your Transport - Freight Transport Association Conference, London, 1992.
  • A Premium Truck Engine for the Next Century
    M L Monaghan - Ishikawa Gasket Symposium, Tokyo, 1996.
  • Particulates and the Diesel - The Scale of the Problem
    M L Monaghan - IMechE, Seminar - Diesel Engines Particulate Control Keynote Speech, London 1998.
  • How long will the Light Duty Diesel be with us?
    M L Monaghan - IMechE Automotive Division Prestige Lecture, London, 1999.
  • Future Gasoline and Diesel Engines
    M L Monaghan - FISITA 2000, Seoul, 2000.
  • Fuel Cells for Automobiles - The Hydrogen Revolution
    M L Monaghan - IMechE AD Chairman's Address, London, 2000.
  • Messages from Other Worlds
    M L Monaghan - IMechE Invitation Lecture, Coventry, 2001.


  • Zero Stiffness Strain Gauge
    J G G Hempson and M L Monaghan - UK Patent 1276718 - December 1969.
  • Controlled Outwardly Opening Fuel Injection Nozzle
    M L Monaghan and A Neitz - UK Patent 2138 884, April 1983.
  • Transient Response of Turbocharged Diesel Engines
    M L Monaghan - US Patent 4709676, Dec 1987.


  • Mentor RAE Engineering Fellowship Sheffield University 2000-2005.Mentor EPSRC Collaborative Grant for Combustion Concepts for Premium Sustainable Vehicles 2002-2006
  • Mentor RAE Engineering Fellowship University of Leeds 2008-2013

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