Download this vCard Dr. David Mason
Assistant Head of School
Main affiliation: Diesel research division

School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics
University of Brighton
Cockcroft Building, Lewes Road
Brighton BN2 4GJ, United Kingdom

+44 1273 642220
Fax:+44 1273 642301

Research Interests:

  • Experimental investigation and numerical simulation of multi-phase processes
  • Clean Diesel combustion

Current Research Projects:

Previous Grants:

  • Simulation of cavitation in high pressure fuel injectors – funded by Ricardo


  • Course Leader for MSc Automotive Engineering
  • Experimental Methods (ME209)
  • Automotive Engineering (ME329)
  • Vehicle Design (MEM41)
  • Power Train Engineering (XEM48)


  • Complete list of publications (PDF)
  • Papers accepted for publication:
    • Mason, D.J., Begg, S., Cooper, B. and Jackson, N. (2008) "A low compression ratio low NOx diesel combustion system. Système de combustion diesel à faible taux de compression et niveau d’oxydes d’azote abaissé" International Conference DIESEL ENGINES: The Low CO2 and Emissions Reduction Challenge, May 2008.

List of Publications from the University of Brighton Repository: