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Low Temperature Department
Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Krasnokazarmennaya, 14
Moscow 111250, Russia

+7 (495) 362-78-41
Fax:+7 (495) 362-7914

Main Scientific Achievements

  • Development of gas mixture flow classifications and macroscopic models.
  • Development and application of kinetic methods for the analysis of fuel droplet evaporation.
  • Development and application of numerical algorithms for the analysis of gas-mixture flows based on continuum approximation.
  • Development of the technique of joint solution of kinetic equations system and fluid dynamic equations.

Fields of Interest

  • Development of computational algorithms in molecular physics, heat and mass transfer, kinetic modelling, and fluid dynamics

Current Research Projects

Previous Grants

  • Grant 06-08-81013: Investigation of the heat-mass transfer distinctions in vapour-gas mixtures, including micro- and nano-particles, on the base of kinetic and fluid dynamic methods (Russian Foundation for Basic Research)
  • Grant 06-08-08201: Development of calculation methods and corresponding laboratory equipment for study of transfer processes on interface surfaces at strong non-equilibrium conditions (Russian Foundation for Basic Research)
  • Grant 04-02-16449: Study of nonequilibrium gas mixtures flows in the presence of evaporation and condensation processes (Russian Foundation for Basic Research)

Main Publications

  • Levashov V.Yu., Kolesnichenko E.G., Kryukov A.P.
    The problems of systematic classification of gas mixture flow macroscopic models.
    Vestnik MEI N.3, pp. 95-102. 2000. (in Russian)
  • Kryukov A.P., Levashov V.Yu., Shishkova I.N.
    Numerical analysis of strong evaporation-condensation through the porous matter.
    Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer. Vol.44, pp. 4119-4125. 2001.
  • A.N.Andrianov, K.N.Efimkin, V.Yu.Levashov and I.N.Shishkova.
    The NORMA Language Application to Solution of Strong Nonequilibrium Transfer Processes Problem with Condensation of Mixtures on the Multiprocessor System.
    Proceeding of Int. Conf. Computational Science, San Francisco, May, 2001, Part I, P.502-511.
  • Kryukov A.P., Levashov V.Yu., Shishkova I.N.
    Vapor flow with evaporation-condensation on solid particles.
    Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics. Vol.45, pp. 407-414. 2004.
  • Kryukov A.P., Levashov V.Yu., Sazhin S. S.
    Evaporation of fuel droplets: kinetic versus hydrodynamic models.
    Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer. Vol.47, pp. 2541-2549. 2004.
  • A.P. Kryukov, O. Podcherniaev, P.H. Hall, D.J. Plumley, V.Yu. Levashov, I.N. Shishkova
    Selective water vapor cryopumping through argon.
    Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films - July 2006 - V 24, Issue 4, pp. 1592-1596
  • A.P. Kryukov, V.Yu. Levashov,I.N. Shishkova
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    Proceedings of 25th International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Editors M.S. Ivanov, A.K.Rebrov, Novosibirsk, 2007, p.1176-1181
  • Sazhin, S.S., Shishkova, I.N., Kryukov, A.P., Levashov, V.Yu., Heikal, M.R. (2007)
    Evaporation of droplets into a background gas: kinetic modelling.
    Int J Heat Mass Transfer 50, 2675-2691
  • A.P. Kryukov, V.Yu. Levashov
    The different approaches to the evaporation-condensation problem with non-condensable component presence.
    Proceedings of VI Minsk International Heat and Mass Transfer Forum MIF 2008, Minsk, May 19-23, 2008