Download this vCard Dr. Felix B. Kaplanski
Senior Researcher

Laboratory of Multiphase Media Physics
Tallinn University of Technology
Akadeemia tee 23A
Tallinn 12618, Estonia

+372 670 3608
Fax:+372 670 3601

Main Scientific Achievements

  • Development and application of viscous vortex ring model for global time evolution.
  • Development and application of turbulent vortex ring models.
  • Development and application of numerical algorithms for the analysis of particles motion in vortex rings and pairs.

Current Research Projects

Previous Grants

  • The investigation of particle migration in recirculation zones. Grant ETF 2213 (Estonian Scientific Foundation)
  • Swirling vortical tornado like flows within chambers. Grant ETF 3493 (Estonian Scientific Foundation)
  • Grant of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) under the JSPS Invitation Fellowship Program for Research in Japan, 2006

Main Publications

  • Kaplanski F., Rudi, Y.
    Dynamics of a viscous vortex ring.
    International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Research 1999, 26(5&6), 618-630
  • Kaplanski F., Hussainov M., Kartushinsky A., Rudi, Y.
    Flow near the hemispherical depressions.
    Journal of Mechanical Behavior of Materials, 2000, 11(6), 407-417
  • Sazhin S.S., Kaplanski F., Feng G., Heikal M., Bowen P.J.
    A fuel spray induced vortex ring.
    Fuel, 2001, 80(13), 1871-1883
  • Kaplanski F., Sazhin S., Rudi Y.
    Particle dynamics in a vortex ring.
    Proceedings of 3rd International Symposium on Two-Phase Flow Modelling and Experimentation, 22-24 September, Pisa: Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane , 2004, 565 - 571.
  • Kaplanski F., Rudi Y.
    A model for the formation of 'optimal' vortex rings taking into account viscosity.
    Physics of Fluids, 2005, 17(8), 08701-1 - 08701-7
  • Kaplanski F., Rudi Y., Tisler S
    Particle motion in the vortices generated by a localized force.
    Inzynieria Chemiczna I Procesowa, 2005, 26(3), 427-436.
  • Kaplanski F., Fukumoto Y.
    Modeling of a vortex ring flow for high Reynolds number.
    Proceeding of Conf. on Turbulence, Fukuoka, Kyushu University, November 2006, 112-118.
  • Sazhin S.S., Kaplanski F., Begg S., Heikal M.
    Vortex rings in internal combustion engines: modelling versus experiment.
    Proceedings of the 19th International Simposium on Transport Phenomena (ISTP-19): Simposium on Transport Phenomena (ISTP-19), Reykjavik, Iceland, August 17-20,. Reykjavik, Iceland:, 2008, 133 - 140.
  • Fukumoto Y., Kaplanski F.
    Global time evolution of an axisymmetric vortex ring at low Reynolds numbers.
    Physics of Fluids, 2008, 20(5), 053103-1 - 053103-13