Download this vCard Dr. Bing-Yang Cao
Visiting Professor

Department of Engineering Mechanics
Tsinghua University
Beijing 10084, China

+44 -72781534
Fax:+44 -72781534

Main Scientific Achievements

  • Micro/nanoscale heat transfer and fluid flow, cooling of microelectronic devices.
  • Thermal properties of nanofilms, nanotubes, nanowires, nanofluid, nanocomposite, etc.
  • Theory and technology of heat transfer enhancement, compact heat exchangers.
  • Molecular dynamics simulation, hybrid atomistic-continuum modeling.
  • Momentum and energy transport at the fluid-solid interface.
  • Computational Fluidic Mechanics, Rarefied Gas Dynamics.

Current Research Projects

  • Molecular dynamics simulation and experimental study of thermal conductivity in carbon nanotubes (2007-2009, funded by National Science Foundation).
  • Large scale molecular dynamics simulations on low-dimensional heat conduction in carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and CNTs-based nanocomposites (2008-2010, funded by Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology (TNList) Cross-discipline Foundation)

Previous Grants

  • Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Fluid Transport and Control in Micro- and Nano-Fluidics (2004-2007, funded by National Science Foundation)

Main Publications

  • B.Y. Cao, Q.W. Hou, Z.Y. Guo.
    Nanomotors actuated by phonon current.
    Chapter In: MEMS: Technology, Fabrication Processes and Applications. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2009 (In press).
  • Q.W. Hou, B.Y. Cao, Z.Y. Guo.
    Thermal conductivity of carbon nanotube: From ballistic to diffusive transport.
    Acta Physica Sinica, 2009 (SCI-indexed, In press) (In Chinese).
  • R.F. Hu, B.Y. Cao.
    Study on thermal wave based on the thermal mass theory.
    Science in China- Series E, 2009, 52(6): 1782-1792 (SCI-indexed, IF: 0.265).
  • B.Y. Cao.
    Evaporation of fuel droplets: kinetic versus hydrodynamic models.
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  • 5 B.Y. Cao, Q.W. Hou.
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  • Z.Y. Guo, B.Y. Cao.
    A General Heat Conduction Law Based on the Concept of Motion of Thermal Mass.
    Acta Physica Sinica, 2008, 57(7): 319-327 (SCI: 323IK, IF: 1.277) (In Chinese).
  • B.Y. Cao, Z.Y. Guo.
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  • B.Y. Cao.
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  • B.Y. Cao, Q. G. Zhang, X. Zhang, K. Takahashi, T. Ikuta, W. M. Qiao, M. Fujii.
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  • B.Y. Cao, M. Chen, Z.Y. Guo.
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  • B.Y. Cao, M. Chen, Z.Y. Guo.
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  • B.Y. Cao, M. Chen, Z.Y. Guo.
    Velocity slip of liquid flow in nanochannels.
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  • B. Y. Cao, Q.G. Zhang, X. Zhang, K. Takahashi, T. Ikuta, W. M. Qiao, M. Fujii.
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