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As a geographer, you will be interested in the earth, how we affect our surroundings and how we are influenced by the places in which we live, work and play. But geography brings together many other subjects.

You might learn how to assess human impact on the climate, study the effects of world trade, track population movements across the globe or work out how to extract more natural resources from the earth in a sustainable manner. A geographer could end up controlling flooding, replanting wetlands, isolating pollution incidents, working with local authorities to design student-friendly accommodation sites and much more.

Above all, during your degree at the University of Brighton you will find out about the earth's past, present and future - and of course, how we as its inhabitants interact with the evolving environment.

Undergraduate courses

Postgraduate courses


You will go on several field trips to learn more about the landscape


Investigating tafoni (limestone weathered) caves in Agua Amarga