people in 1920s dress, from the film [Garden Fete at Broughton House] (1926)

This online resource provides a thematic guide to aspects of 1920s and 1930s fashion and dress as depicted in film from Screen Archive South East’s (SASE) collections.

The selected themes guide you through the collections, using stills and clips from the archive.  These enable you to discover more about the different types of clothing worn, and their historical and design contexts. There are links to records in the Screen Search online database, where the films can be explored in further detail, as well as links to related resources held in archives, libraries and museums.  It also provides a bibliography of related literature and a glossary of terms.

Click on the links to discover more about the films and related themes.

This resource is the result of a year long, CETLD-funded project, carried out at the Royal College of Art and Screen Archive South East, at the University of Brighton. Follow this link for further information about the background of the project.

Project Team:  Dr Rebecca Arnold (Courtauld Institute of Art), Carly Eck (RCA/V&A), Hannah Kauffman (National Portrait Gallery), and Dr Frank Gray, Elaine Sheppard, Ine Van Dooren (all Screen Archive South East, University of Brighton).


1920s fashion

1920s Fashion

The 1920s resides in the popular imagination as a decade of untamed fun and hedonism...

1930s fashion

1930s Fashion

Despite the economic gloom of the Great Depression, the 1930s was a glamorous era for fashion...



A variety of occupations were open to men, and increasingly women, in the interwar period as Edwardian ideals declined...



Sport continued to be important to the British people during the interwar period...



There were various forms of entertainment available in the inter-war period with greater emphasis placed on leisure time...



With increased leisure time, improved travel facilities and a growing Empire, British people began to explore new places..