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Why study criminology?

Britain is one of the least violent societies in the world, but this is not always the impression you would gain from watching the news. Since 2002 recorded crime in Britain has generally been falling, but many people refuse to believe this. What's going on? Why are we so preoccupied by crime and what can we do about it?

A degree in criminology will give you a cutting edge grasp on new theories, methods and approaches relating to crime, its prevention and its consequences.

Criminology examines the explanations given for crime: its link to dangerous or irresponsible people and whether it is a consequence of deprived social circumstances. We also consider the role and performance of agencies within the criminal justice system - including the police, courts, prison service and 'punishment in the community'.

Criminology teaching staff are involved in national and international criminological research. This keeps our teaching well-informed, interesting and dynamic. Staff are frequently reported in local and national media:

Undergraduate courses in criminology

At undergraduate level criminology is offered both as a single honours degree and also alongside other subject areas to form a number of joint honours degrees:

The joint degree combinations allow you to engage with two subject areas. Links made between criminology and the other joint degree subject are explored in independent study and through research projects, literature analysis and review.

The final year of undergraduate criminology degree programmes is organised around specialist options, including anti-social behaviour; violent crime; domestic violence; gun control; policing policies, crime prevention and community safety.

Placement opportunities

There are also opportunities for international study on our exchange programme, and to undertake a community-based placement in year 2 or 3.


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"Coming to Brighton was definitely the right decision."

Negin Hakkaki, Criminology MA

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