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Downstream View of the Paraná River Downstream view of submerged bar fronts near Paraná and Paraguay junction

Dynamics and deposits of braid-bars in the World’s largest rivers: morphology, processes and subsurface sedimentology

Welcome to the Rio Paraná project web pages. This NERC funded project aims to develop an improved quantitative understanding of the interactions between flow, sediment transport, morphology and sedimentology of the World’s largest braided rivers. Our research is focussed on the Paraná River, Argentina and involves a multi-disciplinary, international team working in collaboration with industry and local partners. The Rio Paraná project operated from 1 January 2008 to 30 June 2011. A brief final report was submitted to NERC in September 2011.

News, outputs and results are available

This project has now finished but we continue to update the website with details of our output

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Phil Ashworth (Project Leader, Brighton), Mario Amsler (UNL), Jim Best (UIUC), Richard Hardy (Durham), Stuart Lane (Durham), Andrew Nicholas (Exeter), Oscar Orfeo (CECOAL), Dan Parsons (Leeds), Arjan Reesink (Brighton-Birmingham), Steve Sandbach (Durham-Exeter), Greg Sambrook Smith (Birmingham), Ricardo Szupiany (UNL)

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