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If William Kentridge’s work is stamped with both the brutal history of Apartheid and the struggle against it, and with the challenges of politics and art in post-Apartheid South Africa, it equally speaks to a wider audience and about more general issues. It is an art whose politics is infused into the objects that it depicts, and into the interrogation of art practices, which Kentridge pursues relentlessly in both his film work and on paper. Here is a challenging proposal for a figurative art and a narrative style for a globalized world in the 21st century.

This exhibition brings together some of this artist’s dramatic new work on paper, some new installations and films, and conjoins these with a showing of the animated films whose style first brought him to international acclaim - The Soho Eckstein Series. William Kentridge is justly acclaimed for producing the most dramatic results in a mixture of media.

still from journey to the moon

Cat ISBN: 978/1/905593/26/2

William Kentridge portrait

Works on Paper.
The exhibition will show 59 of Kentridge’s prints completed variously between the years 1991 and 2007. These include: litho prints; ore etching; sugarlift and drypoint; etching with sugarlift; softground, aquatint and drypoint; etching, aquatint, drypoint and letterpress and photogravure and drypoint.

Filmic Installation.
In 2005 William Kentridge first showed his Fragments In Homage to Georges Melies at the Venice Biennale. Here in Brighton they are receiving their first viewing in the UK. These seven short animated films are supplemented with two other works, Journey to the Moon and Day for Night. This installation is presented in monumental scale onto the windows of the North Gallery back-projected through the windows of the gallery onto the street, reconfiguring the cityscape as art.

Anamorphic films.
For the first time in the UK, Kentridge’s anamorphic film What Will Come will be shown at the Regency Town House on Brunswick Square. This projection onto a table of an animated narrative sequence is read by the viewer from its transposition onto a reflective cylinder. This new work constitutes one or the most exciting elements of this mini Kentridge festival in Brighton.

anamorphic film still
Stereoscopic Photogravures.
6 stereoscopes enable visitors to view six of Kentridge’s images in 3 dimensional form. This installation, first constructed this year, constitutes a dramatic innovation in the viewing of such work on paper.

Soho Eckstein Film Series.
Selected examples of Kentridge’s animated films will be shown in Grand Parade. The whole series will be presented in the Sallis Benney theatre with Philip Miller’s score, conducted by the composer, on November 17th.