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Student Email on Office 365

Brighton Students and Alumni:

BSMS Students and Alumni:

Phone setup instructions 

All students should log in with your usual username and password.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the student email service?

The student email service is provided through a partnership between the university and Microsoft using Microsoft's Office 365 service. This service includes OneDrive, Office Web Apps and Lync.


Is there a printable guide to using student email?

As our student email service is provided by Microsoft, it's best to search the Office 365 help for help on how to use the service. However, we do have a printable guide with details about using the service. See is917 University email for students - Office 365



Your university email address is activated when you enrol on your course.


How long can I keep my student email address?

Currently we allow students to continue access to their Brighton email address for one year after graduation. This is in line with studentfolio which also allows access for one year. 


Who should I contact if I have a problem with Office 365?

Microsoft have provided lots of information, if you can log in to your account, do so and look for the small blue help symbol (a circle with a question mark inside). If you can't log in to your account, or you can't find an answer there, then contact the Information Services Service Desk or telephone 01273 644444.


What will my email address be?

Your email address is made from your first initial, your surname and a number to keep it unique, for example:


The shortest form of your address is, eg 


If you are a BSMS student your new address will be of the form or

You will be given your email address after you have attended the in-person enrolment session. If you have forgotten your email address, you can find it out by connecting to MyInfo at   


Why is there a number in my email address?

To be able to guarantee addresses to all future students, we need to ensure that people with the same first initial and surname are given a different email address.  


How do I get to my email account?

You can access your email by any of the following:


Note if someone has already signed into an O365 account on the computer you are using, you will have to click the 'Sign-in with a different ID' link first.


How can I forward my messages to a different personal account?

We don't recommend that you forward your university email as this can increase the chances of messages not being delivered to you. However if you need to do this, 

Click here for a Microsoft help article which explains how to forward your mail to another email address (e.g. Hotmail, GMail etc.)

Note: The university accepts no responsibility should mail not be delivered to any external account not provided by us. If you have forwarded your email in this way, non-delivery may not be accepted as grounds for appeal in the event of a dispute. 


How do I change My password?

You should always use MyInfo to change your university password. Don't use any other online links as these will NOT change your password on all systems and you will end up with different passwords on different systems. 

Don't worry if you can't remember your password, just follow the forgotten password link on the MyInfo page and get a new one.




I’m a BSMS student – will I get a university email account?

As a BSMS student, you’ll receive an email address of the form

I'm a (non-taught) post-graduate research student - will I get a university email account?

If you are a (non-taught) post-graduate research student (studying for a PhD, MPhil, MRes, or equivalent), you are entitled to a mailbox on our staff Exchange email system (rather than a student one).  Please contact the Service Desk for more information.


Can I email staff?

Yes, all staff addresses appear in the  addressbook and include the word (staff) after their name so that you know you’re emailing a member of staff, not a fellow student or alumnus - alumni have the word (alumni) after their name.


I'm a member of staff logged into my office computer

If you are already logged into a Windows computer on campus and want to use a different account for accessing O365 you will need to use Firefox as Internet Explorer will not give you the opportunity to log in with a different account.


I can't sign in

  • Log out of any other Microsoft email accounts that you have open (e.g. Hotmail, Outlook, Live)
  • Check that you are using the correct address for the log in page: (for Brighton students)

    or (for BSMS students)

    We recommend that you log into studentcentral and click on the email tab.

    Please note that it is not possible to log in via,, or

  • Clear your internet cache. (Click here for how to do this).

If you continue to have problems, email our Service Desk from a personal email account (and include your email address, username and, where possible, a contact phone number).  If you don't have another email account, contact the Service Desk by telephone to (01273) 644444


What are staff email addresses?

Staff email addresses are of the form initials . surname

Can I get email on my mobile device or smartphone?

Phone setup instructions 

It is possible to connect to and read/send email from a mobile device or smartphone. You can find instructions for connecting your device to your Office 365 account online:

  • Log into your university email online
  • Click on Options
  • Click on the Connect your mobile phone or device to your account link on the right-hand side.
  • Choose your device from the list shown.
  • Follow the Phone setup instructions 

Note that Information Services is unable to help students set up email on personal computers and mobile devices.


What has happened to my SkyDrive account?

All users who had a Live@EDU account before the upgrade to O365 now have two accounts:

An Office 365 account. This account is managed by the university, and is used to access all Office 365 for education services.

A personal Microsoft account. This account can be used to access existing SkyDrive content, Messenger, Zune, and Xbox settings. 

There are several important differences between the personal Microsoft account and your previous Live@edu account:

- The Microsoft account is now a personal account for each user.

- This account uses the same user name and password as the Live@edu account did.

- Note: these two accounts will have the same user name

- The Microsoft account can't be administered by the university.

My Student Email has changed

Your student email was upgraded to Office 365 in May 2013, which provided new features, including better support for mobile phones and tablets a newer interface, social networking and more. Learn about the changes to the Outlook Web App.









Got any more questions? Email , or leave a comment below.

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