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Beyond Gated Communities

Bagaeen and Uduku, forthcoming by Routledge,

Beyond Gated communities seeks to contribute to the ongoing discourse on the Gated Community as a ubiquitious addition to urban life across the globe.

The editor’s first volume grounded its discourse on the need to acknowledge that as a phenomenon, in its broadest interpretation, it was neither recent nor confined to the ‘West’, but had significant connections to earlier built forms to be found in ‘faraway’ traditional African middle eastern cultures.

In this second volume, the discourse as the title suggests, goes Beyond our usual conceptualisation of the urban gated community, with various chapters  involved in the investigation and re-evaluation of what the ‘gated’ condition might mean within the various case studies and conceptual terms of reference that are explored.

An international and interdisciplinary research network on "gated housing estates as an international phenomenon" was established in 1999 in order to facilitate the exchange of information between academics working in this field.

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