Professor Gina Wisker

Professor of Higher Education
& Contemporary Literature,
Head of Centre for Learning and Teaching

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Gina Wisker is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a National Teaching Fellow.

She has worked in Educational Development since the early 1980s initially in her previous role at Anglia Ruskin University, where she also coordinated women's studies and taught English.

Gina is active in the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA), and was awarded a SEDA legacy award for outstanding scholarship in 2013. She has been Chair and co-chair of HEDG (Heads of Educational Development Group) and has run workshops and given keynotes at a number of learning and teaching conferences in Australasia, South Africa, Sweden, Singapore and Ireland over the last few years. Gina conducts workshops for the British Council in Saudi Arabia.

She continues to research and publish in both learning and teaching areas - specialising in postgraduate student learning and supervisory practices, and in her discipline, specialising in women's, Gothic and postcolonial writing. Gina is committed to maintaining a successful discipline profile as a key foundation for credibility as an academic colleague involved in and facilitating the development of others engaged in the scholarship of teaching in Higher Education. Gina has also written numerous articles and has offered frequent lectures and papers that are related to the profession of teaching literature in English, and creative writing.

Current projects

HEA International Scholarship

Doctoral learning journeys

National Teaching Fellowship

British Council Delphe- Iraq

British Academy collaborative project with Iraq

Recent Publications

Higher Education:
  • PhD. Supervision as an Emotional Process – Critical Situations and Emotional Boundary Work” author(s): Thomas Johansson, Gina Wisker, Silwa Claesson, Ola Strandler and Elisabeth Saalman  JSSH Vol. 22 (3) Sept. 2014
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Contemporary Literature
  • Wisker, G. (2011). Essential Guide to Criticism on Margaret Atwood Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
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  • Wisker, G. & Wisker, A. (2005). Mosaic: Visions of Cyprus. Cambridge: Calypso Press.

Conference presentations

  • Wisker, G (2010) Keynote Research conference Bishop Grosseteste university college
  • Wisker G (2010) Balancing research –  Guild HE conference , London.
  • Kiley M., and Wisker G (2010) Liminal spaces and doctoral examining: evidence of research learning Quality Postgraduate research conference
  • Gina Wisker and Gillian Robinson (2010) QPR conference Doctoral orphans: Nurturing and supporting the success of postgraduates who have lost their supervisors 
  • Barbara Grant, Liz McKinley, Catherine Manathunga, Michael Singh, Sally Knowles, Gina Wisker and Terry Evans (2010) QPR conference Supervision and cultural difference revisited: Imagining new doctoral pedagogies, divulging those already in action.  
  • Wisker, G. (2009). Keynote. Paper presented at the Postgraduate Supervision Conference. University of Stellenbosch South Africa.
  • Kiley, M. & Wisker, G. (2008, 18-20 June). "Now you see it, now you don't": Identifying and supporting the achievement of doctoral work which embraces threshold concepts and crosses conceptual thresholds. Paper presented at the Threshold Concepts: From theory to practice conference, Queen's University, Kingston Ontario Canada.
  • Wisker, G., Robinson, G., & Kiley, M. (2008). Crossing Liminal Spaces: Encouraging Postgraduate Students to Cross Conceptual Thresholds and Achieve Threshold Concepts in their Research. Paper presented at the conference Quality in Postgraduate Research: Research Education in the new Global Environment - Part 2. CEDAM, The Australian National University, Canberra.
  • Wisker, G., Kiley, M. & Aiston, S. (2006). Making the learning leap: Research students crossing conceptual thresholds. In M. Kiley & G. Mullins (Eds), Quality in Postgraduate Research: Knowledge creation in testing times. Canberra: CEDAM, The Australian National University, pp. 195-201.
  • Kiley, M. & Wisker, G. (2006, 12-14 December). Learning leaps and strides: When and in what ways do doctoral students cross conceptual thresholds and achieve threshold concepts?. Paper presented at the Beyond boundaries: New Horizons for Research into Higher Education conference, Brighton England.
  • Wisker, G., Robinson, G., Trafford, V., Lilly, J., & Warnes, M. (2004). 'Achieving a Doctorate: Meta-learning and Research Development Programmes Supporting Success for International Distance students'. Paper presented at the Quality in Postgraduate Research: Re-imaging research education conference, Adelaide, Australia

Service to the higher education profession in publishing

Gina is the Chief editor for  the SEDA journal Innovations in Education and Teaching International (IETI), and acts as a referee for Studies in Higher Education, Journal of Continuing Education, Assessment and Evaluation, Mosaic, COMPARE. Gina co edits Spokes poetry magazine (onine)  and Dissections  e- journal.


Creative writing and readings

Poetry published in: Ambit, Spokes, Femspec, Running on Empty, April Showers, Women’s Words. Travel writing in: Sunjet.

Femspec published Gina's short story ‘New Blood’ in 2006 and ‘ Recruitment’ in 2009 both of which won prizes in the  Femspec best of 5 yrs categories.2011

Readings of both poetry and prose at The 26th International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, March 2005, The 27th 2006., 28th 2007, 29th 2008, 30th 2009 and special invited short story reading to the Lord Ruthven society at the 31st conference 2010, 32nd conference 2011.

Readings at the world Horror convention Brighton 2010


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Recent Publications:

Nothing wasted: engaging values and the imagination. How can working with feminist speculative fictions enthuse and engage students with social justice and sustainability in an age of austerity?