Professor Gina Wisker

Professor of Higher Education & Contemporary Literature

Head of Centre for Learning and Teaching

Telephone: 01273 643446
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My role is leading educational development for the University working with others towards the achievement of the learning and teaching strategy, and engaging with and leading higher education research across the University and partner colleges. 

Among a number of external roles, I have been chair of the Heads of Educational Development and co-chair, and a founder member of the HEDG Planning group. I am on the executive of the Staff and Educational Development Association, chair the Scholarship and Research committee, have been chief editor of SEDA’s rated journal Innovations in Education and Teaching International for 16 years, and have served on publications and fellowships committees.  I am a senior fellow of SEDA and was awarded the SEDA legacy award for outstanding scholarship in 2012.

I have won funding for and led on a number of research projects. Of these the Higher Education Funding Council/Higher Education Academy funded National Teaching Fellowship project (2007-10) ‘Doctoral learning journeys’ was most significant, also the parallel international project (ongoing) on doctoral learning,
supervision and examining practices (individual NTFS funded). In 2012/13, I was awarded an HEA Sir Ron Cook International Scholarship, in Social Justice - taking good practice from South African universities back to UK universities, work that is also ongoing.

I am a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a National Teaching Fellow, a member of the International Consortium for Educational Development (ICED) and the Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of South Africa (HELTASA), a board member of the Katherine Mansfield Society, and the Chair of the Contemporary Women’s Writing Association (since 2013).

I continue to research and publish in both learning and teaching areas - specialising in postgraduate student learning and supervisory practices, and in my discipline, specialising in women's, Gothic and postcolonial writing. I am committed to maintaining a successful discipline profile as a key foundation for credibility as an academic colleague involved in and facilitating the development of others engaged in the scholarship of teaching in Higher Education.

Links to projects:

HEA International Scholarship

Doctoral learning journeys

National Teaching Fellowship

British Council Delphe- Iraq

British Academy collaborative project with Iraq


Recent Publications

Higher Education:

Wisker, G (2016) ‘Toil and trouble: Professional and Personal Expectations and Identities in Academic Writing for Publication’, in Jan Smith (ed.) Identity Work in the Contemporary University: Exploring an Uneasy Profession.    Rotterdam: Sense.

Wisker , G (2016)  ‘Teaching Literature: Contemporary Gothic, threshold concepts, social justice and dialogue’ –in ( invited) HEA Innovative Pedagogies

Wisker, G (2015) ‘Agency and Articulation in Doctoral Writing: Building the Messy Research Journey into a Well-Constructed Thesis’ In Guerin,C and Badenhorst, C eds (2015) "Research Literacies and Writing Pedagogies for Masters and Doctoral Writers".                  

Castello, M Sofie Kobayashi and Gina Wisker et al  (2015 )‘Researcher Identities in  Transition: Signals to Identify and Manage Spheres of Activity in a Risk-Career’,    Frontline Learning Research           

Fanghanel,J; Pritchard,J, Potts, J ,Wisker, G (2015) Defining and supporting the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL): A sector wide study -

Wisker, G. and Robinson G (2014) Picking up the pieces: Supervisor and doctoral ‘Orphans’ International Journal for Researcher Development Vol. 3 No. 2

Wisker, G. and Robinson G (2014) Experiences of the Creative Doctorate: Minstrels and White Lines Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning (CriSTaL) Vol 2, No 2 Pages: 49-67  DOI: 10.14426/cristal.v2i2.36

Wisker, G. (2015) Getting Published London: Palgrave Macmillan

Johansson, T., G. Wisker, S. Claesson, O. Strandler and E. Saalman   PhD. ‘Supervision as an Emotional Process – Critical Situations and Emotional Boundary Work’  Pertanika JSSH Vol. 22 (3) Sept. 2014

Strandler, O., Johansson, T., Wisker, G. and Claesson, S. (2014) “Supervisor or counsellor? –Emotional boundary work in supervision”,   International Journal of Researcher Development,    Vol 5 , 2

Wisker, G. (2014) Managing the writing energy (doctoral writing blog)

Wisker, G. and Robinson, G. 2014 ‘Building international research communities’ in S. Carter and D. Laurs (Eds) Developing generic support for doctoral students: Practice and pedagogy. London: Routledge 

Wisker, G., (2014) ‘Voice, vision and articulation: conceptual threshold crossing in academic writing' in C. O'Mahony, A. Buchanan, M. O’Rourke, and B. Higgs (Eds.) Threshold concepts:from personal practice to communities of practice:  proceedings of the national academy’s sixth biennial conference and the fourth threshold concepts conference, NAIRTL epub .

Wisker, G. (2013)  ‘Articulate – writing, editing and publishing our work in learning, teaching and educational development  in  Innnovations in Education and Teaching International Vol 50: 4

Wisker, G. and Claesson, S. (2013) "The Impact of Cross-Disciplinary Culture on Student-Supervisor Perceptions"   International Journal of Doctoral Studies vol 8

Wisker, G. and Robinson G. (online 2012, pub 2014) ’Examiner practices and culturally inflected doctoral theses’.  Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education 35(2)

Wisker, G. and Robinson G. (2012) ’Picking up the pieces: Supervisor and doctoral ‘Orphans’. International Journal for Researcher Development Vol. 3 No. 2,

Wisker, G. (2005, 2nd edn 2012) The Good Supervisor Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Wisker, G. (2010) 'The "good enough" doctorate: doctoral learning journeys'. Acta Academica Supplementum, 1, 223-242.

Wisker, G. (2009) The Undergraduate Research Handbook Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Kiley, M. & Wisker, G. (2009) 'Threshold concepts in research education and evidence of threshold crossing'. Higher Education Research and Development, 28(4), 431-441.

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Wisker, G., Morris, C., Warnes, M., Lilly, M., Robinson, G., Trafford, V. & Cheng, M. (2009) 'Doctoral learning journeys: supporting and enhancing doctoral students' research and related skills development through research evidence-based practices.' In Assessment, Learning & Teaching Journal (5), 19-22.

Wisker, G. & Robinson, G. (2009). 'Encouraging postgraduate students of literature and art to cross conceptual thresholds.' In Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 46(3).

Contemporary Literature

Wisker, G. (2014) Nothing wasted: engaging values and the imagination. How can working with feminist speculative fictions enthuse and engage students with social justice and sustainability in an age of austerity? Journal of Gender Studies 23(3) 

Wisker, G. (2012)  Margaret Atwood: a guide to critical views of her fiction Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Wisker, G. (Ed.) (2010) Teaching African American Women's Writing. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Wisker, G. (2010). Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale". A Reader's Guide. London: Continuum.

Wisker, G. & Dodgson-Katiyo, P. (Eds.) (2009). Rites of Passage in Postcolonial Women's Writing.  Amsterdam: Rodopi.

Wisker, G. (2009). 'Devouring Desires: Lesbian Gothic Horror'. In W. Hughes & A. Smith (Eds.) Queering the Gothic. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Wisker, G. (2009). In F. Hammill, E. Miskimmin & A. Sponenberg (Eds.) Encyclopedia of British Women's Writing 1900-1950. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Service to the higher education profession in publishing

I am the Chief editor for the SEDA journal Innovations in Education and Teaching International (IETI), and act as a referee for Studies in Higher Education, Journal of Continuing Education, Assessment and Evaluation, HERD, Teaching in HE, Mosaic, COMPARE, Journal of Commonwealth literature, CWW journal. I also edit Spokes poetry magazine (online)  and Dissections  e- journal.

Creative writing and readings

Poetry published in: Ambit, Spokes, Femspec, Running on Empty, April Showers, Women’s Words. Travel writing in: Sunjet.

Femspec published Gina's short story ‘New Blood’ in 2006 and ‘ Recruitment’ in 2009 both of which won prizes in the  Femspec best of 5 yrs categories. 2011

Readings of both poetry and prose at The 26th International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, March 2005, -2014 and special invited short story reading to the Lord Ruthven society at the 31st conference 2010, 32nd conference 2011.

Readings at the world Horror convention Brighton 2010





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Recent Publications:

Nothing wasted: engaging values and the imagination. How can working with feminist speculative fictions enthuse and engage students with social justice and sustainability in an age of austerity?


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