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Codeo rolls back into town

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01.10.2009 posted by Billy Lowe of COGAPP

Last Tuesday saw the University of Brighton play host to our first Codeo workshop of the year. The purpose of the event was to introduce new and old students to our online coding competition, get their appetites well and truly whetted for a bit of coding action and also tell them a little bit about Cogapp and digital media in Brighton.


Joe Baskerville and Tristan Roddis kicked things off by giving the 60 strong crowd a quick lesson in Codeo history. Tristan then introduced the first challenge and gave the students some of his top tips for using Scratch, after which he let them loose to explore its hidden depths. Scratch – designed as a tool to ease newcomers into the exciting and limitless world of coding – is the perfect tool for the first Codeo challenge of the season, allowing everyone to have a go at the fun by using a simple but effective programming tool.

Tristan working his magic

After the workshop, we all stuck around to help everyone that stayed. There was a lot of interest in Codeo and many of the students remained after the workshop; whilst some of them were keen to get advice on which laptop they should buy, the majority were using the workshop as an opportunity to show a local company just what they can do. It was certainly interesting to see so many students keen to impress, which not only bodes well for the competition but also the future of digital media in Brighton.

Old tech dept. intern Luke Davies saying hello

From the vibe we got from the workshop, we felt a real sense of enthusiasm for the challenge and Codeo as a whole – we’re thoroughly looking forward to seeing what the students of the local area can do when they send their entries in, and finding that one gem that can be appointed ‘First Codeo Champion of the 09/10 season.’ Get coding people!