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Animazoo and University Of Brighton to research consumer level Mocap technology

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Students at the University of Brighton will be working with cutting-edge prototype technology following a link with the Brighton based motion capture company, Animazoo. The company will be loaning the equipment to the university for research purposes to explore new game interaction applications.

Speaking on the move, Animazoo founder and Chief Technology Officer Ali Kord said,

We're used to buttons, joysticks and steering wheels when playing computer games, but even with Wii there isn't any computer input device that accurately reflects real body gestures. This study will be invaluable to explore new options using motion capture technology and could enable us to develop an innovative new consumer games device.

Students will work with the equipment to test the validity of new game paradigms for the mass market audience. Most games concentrate on up and down or forward and back movements which do not reflect human movement. Motion capture 3D technology will mirror the user's motion bringing the game experience to life. Students will test the value and feasibility of this level of interactivity with a view to developing motion capture at consumer level prices in conjunction with Animazoo.

Andrew Blake, Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton said,

Links with commercial organisations such as Animazoo are vital to students as well as the college for research and academic purposes. This is exciting technology that has many industry applications and the games environment is an ideal way to really test the capabilities of the technology.

In addition to the practical work with students, Andrew Blake will be utilising the technology for his own research purposes. His PhD will incorporate research into Animazoo technology and its validity as an input mechanism. Academic research papers are also planned during the project.

Blake continued,

Most studies into computer games concentrate on software. Looking at peripheral input devices will be a fresh approach, not only valuable study for the students, but also something new to offer the industry when the findings are published.

Animazoo recently launched the IGS-190H (Hybrid), the new optical quality hybrid motion capture system. This advanced mocap technology delivers highly accurate, life like data and a range of new features.

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