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Anja Belz has been awarded an EPSRC grant

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We are very pleased to announce that Anja Belz (Principal Lecturer and member of the Natural Language Technology Group) has been awarded an EPSRC grant of just under £20,000 to support the 'REG Challenge 2008'.

The REG challenge is an international 'shared-task' initiative, where different research groups 'compete' to achieve some pre-defined research task and are scored on how well they do according to a range of measures. This kind of inititiative is common in current language technology research, but until recently it had never been used for language generation systems (one of NLTG's specialist research areas). Last year, Anja co-organised a pilot competition
for language generation, the ASGRE challenge, which was very successful, attracting 22 systems from 6 international research groups. The REG ('Referring Expression Generation') challenge aims to develop this pilot into a full-scale evaluation, and the EPSRC grant provides the essential support for preparing task resources and carrying out the evaluation of system results. REG 2008 is already well underway, aiming to report at the INLG'08 conference in Ohio later this year.

For more information see the NLTG group website at