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Anja Belz has won funds from EPSRC for her research

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Anja Belz, a principal lecturer and member of the school's Natural Language Technology Group, has secured a total of £145,000 from ESPRC to fund her research.

Last week she won a national EPSRC Early Careers Workshop competition for a network grant. The value of the proposal is £100k. The working title for the network is ‘Vision, Language and Interaction’.

And today she has been awarded a £45k EPSRC funded grant for the 2009 Generation Challenges.

Generation Challenges 2009 is the third round of an international research competition where teams of researchers from around the world build language generation systems and we evaluate them in various ways.  The funding is for running the competition, organiser expenses, creating data resources and evaluation methods required for the competition, and for designing and carrying out the evaluations.

For more information see the NLTG group website at