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The Visual Modelling Group has been awarded a three year EPSRC grant

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The Visual Modelling Group has been awarded a UK  EPSRC grant EP/E011160/1 in conjunction with the University of Kent (EP/E010393/1).

The aim of the project is to facilitate the large scale take up of Euler diagrams by developing a body of theoretical research and producing visualization software tools. 

The project begins in January 2007 and will run for three years. The total funding is £564k, with £311k awarded to Brighton.


This research proposal will revolutionize the field of Euler diagram drawing. We will create a substantial body of theory which will enable the widespread use of Euler diagram visualizations. The project will develop original techniques to allow the practical layout of diagrams that currently cannot be drawn automatically. A major outcome will be the production of a usable software tool exemplifying the new layout techniques.

Euler diagrams (a generalization of Venn diagrams) are an attractive method for visualizing information because they represent exclusion, containment and intersection of sets in an intuitive manner. In addition, they have the advantage of a rigorous mathematical basis. However, despite their benefits as a visualization method, the practical use of Euler diagrams has been held back because users must lay out these diagrams by hand. Manual layout places a heavy burden on users and is impractical for Euler diagrams involving many sets.

The team

The investigators at Brighton are John Howse and Gem Stapleton and we have appointed Andrew Fish as Research Fellow.

The investigator at Kent is Peter Rodgers.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)