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Professor Flis Henwood has been awarded a 2 year research grant

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'Supporting the self management of obesity: The role of information and communications technologies'.

This new 2-year research project (January 2007-December 2008) is funded by the Department of Health with a grant of £272,000. It will investigate how ICTs are used, and might be used, in supporting self care practices in the area of weight management and 'healthy living', more generally. The study is based in the city of Brighton and Hove and is being undertaken in partnership with both providers and users of health and health information in the NHS and local community. The project methods include a survey the everyday information and communication practices of those involved in the self management of obesity and a series of participatory learning workshops to explore the types of sociotechnical configurations that might be used to better support these practices.

For more information, please contact the Project Director, Professor Flis Henwood or the Project Administrator, Laura Bottomley.