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Product design

Honours degrees

In years one and two, you will cover the broad range of subjects that modern designers need, including communication and research capabilities, materials and manufacturing knowledge, and professional skills such as branding and costing. You will have lots of hands-on experience working on projects, supported by lectures and tutorials.

After the second year most students undertake a year's placement working alongside professional designers. This enhances your skills and experience for your future career and gives you a degree titled 'with Professional Experience'.

In the final year you will undertake a major design project, with opportunities to exhibit it locally and nationally. You will work with students from other disciplines, simulating industry settings. You will also specialise further in your area of interest, choosing from options such as Finite Element Analysis, Alternative Energy Systems or Entrepreneurship. You could even study a language.

Brighton Product Lab

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It is the business side of design I am keen to be involved in, and why this course is also so exciting to me!

Emily Brooke, Product Design with Professional Experience BSc(Hons)

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