Graduate training schemes

What are graduate schemes?

Graduate schemes are training programmes that are usually run by large organisation in both the public and the private sector. Under these schemes companies take on a number of graduates in the autumn of their graduating year.

If you are employed on a scheme, you will be given a permanent, paid job and follow a structured training programme for the first 18 months to two years of your employment.

Applying to a graduate training scheme

The closing dates vary between graduate scheme. Many close as early as November for graduates who will graduate during the following year. However, some will keep their deadlines open for as long as it takes to fill all the available positions.

The earlier you apply the better, but if you have missed the original deadline, keep checking the company’s website to see if they don’t reopen for more applications again.

Some of the graduate schemes are very competitive and have lengthy selection processes that can include telephone interviews, assessment centres, second interviews and group tasks. 

Finding graduate schemes


We have copies that you can take away at the careers centres. We usually receive each year's edition in October.

Company websites

Look on the website of any company that you are interested in working for. They will have a separate graduate section if they offer a graduate scheme.

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