Finding part-time jobs

Sources of part-time jobs from the Careers Service

The Careers Service has a number of resources to help you find part-time employment. These include: 

  • Vacancy Service
    This is the Careers Service job database. Local employers post vacancies for students daily.

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Social Media

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Finding part-time work in your local area

We link to a wide range of local vacancy websites which advertise part-time opportunities. Find out more about employers and vacancies in Sussex.

Many sources for full-time job listings will also have listings for part-time jobs, as will local recruitment agencies. See: Finding job vacancies

The classifieds are another good source, but be wary of possible scams - check out our advice on scam employers.

One of the easiest ways to find a job is to talk to friends and family about their contacts. 

Local shops, bars, cafes and restaurants often place adverts for staff in their windows. Have your CV ready, go in and ask to speak to the manager.

Don’t just hand over your CV and leave, be prepared to engage them in conversation about their business. Show that you know what they are about and that you are interested. Make sure you pick a time when they are not too busy and have time to talk!

Part-time or casual job listings for students

Student-focussed websites with part-time jobs include:

contentbox-exclaim-orange.gif Now get some advice on writing your CV, making speculative applications and filling out application forms.

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