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Job hunting can be daunting when you first start. This page is designed to direct you to sources of job vacancies, advise you on alternative job-hunting strategies, give you tips for applying to graduate schemes and much more. If you have any queries about what you've read, or can't find what you're looking for - get in touch with your local careers centre.

Job-hunting resources from the Careers Service

We have many resources to help you find job vacancies. Use the tips and links on these pages, browse the information in our careers centres or get in touch to speak to a member of staff. We regularly let you know about job opportunities via:

  • Vacancy Service
    The Careers Service job database. Employers post vacancies for students and graduates daily.

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Not sure where to start?

If you don't know what type of job to look for, read our careers advice on Where to start?

Be proactive

lightbulb.gifThere are many ways to go about finding a job.

Networking and contacting companies directly could get you the job you are really after.

Read our advice on: Networking  and Making speculative applications.

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What are employers saying about you?

contentbox-quote-orange.gif'Three [University of Brighton applicants] had their first day yesterday and I was most impressed with both the standard and level of enthusiasm of your students. I look forward to the results they will achieve as a team.'
Tess Cohad, Bounti

contentbox-quote-orange.gif'The careers service helped us to fill a position that was otherwise a challenge for us. The quality of the candidates was very high and we're looking forward to our newest addition to the team joining us. Thanks for your help.'
Laurence McCahill, Spook Studio