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Sue Greener

Dr Sue Greener

Principal Lecturer

Brighton Business School

Telephone: +44 (0)1273 641202
+44 (0)1273 642139


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At the University of Brighton, Sue teaches both undergraduates and postgraduates on the following courses/modules:

  • MSc Personnel & Development: Human Resource Management in Context
  • Undergraduate Business: Researching Contemporary Issues in HRMBSc Business with Enterprise: Global Business Context, Business Analysis, Solving Business Problems, Continuing Professional Development, Business Enterprise
  • Joint Honours Programme: Research practices and applications, Subject approaches and techniques

She supervises MSc students in HRM and HRD, and MPhil/PhD students in the field of online learning and teaching. She is Programme Leader for the consortium partnership award FdA Business and is Joint Honours Business Pathway leader at Hastings campus. She is also Course Leader for the problem-based learning course, BSc Business with Enterprise at Hastings campus.

She is external examiner at the University of Edinburgh and University of Greenwich, and Subject Examiner for Managing Organisational Change and Development for the Association of Business Executives. Sue is also Course Director for BSc Business Administration and Research Methods Module Leader for a University of Wales validated online final year honours degree course, teaching fully online and managing a virtual academic team.


Sue co-founded the Business eLearning research group in 2004. She chaired the 10th European Conference on E-Learning held in Brighton, November 2011 and is Programme Chair for the inaugural European Conference on Social Media July 2014. Sue is Co-Editor for the >Routledge journal: Interactive Learning Environments. Her doctoral research focussed on students' readiness for online learning and this continues to be her mainstream research field (see publications). Further research includes e-learning strategy, graduate employability, teacher development and reflective learning. As a member of both the CROME research group and CIMER research group at Brighton Business School, Sue continues to research and publish with colleagues.


Through her jointly-owned management and development consultancy, Positive Images, Sue specialises in soft skills and leadership training and strategic facilitation. She was previously a non-executive Director of Sussex Enterprise.


Sues early management experience was gained as an administrator and manager at the Medical Research Council in London, MRC Radiobiology Unit in Harwell and University of Aston in Birmingham. She has been professionally involved in learning and teaching since 1973, with learning being central to her career and interests, be it personal, class-based or online. She is a licensed Lay Reader in the Church of England in the Diocese of Chichester. She is also a breeder of pedigree Southdown sheep. Her husband Tony is also an academic at Brighton Business School and co-partner of Positive Images.


BA (Dual Hons.) French & Economics, MBA, EdD


  • Sue gained a Teaching Excellence award at University of Brighton in 2007
  • Centre for Learning and Teaching Fellowship award with Asher Rospigliosi to investigate and support staff adoption of e-learning 2008
  • Highly Commended Journal Article: Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2011

Research Publications

Number of items: 40.

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