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Mike Hobday

Prof Michael Hobday

Professor of Innovation Management

Brighton Business School


Telephone 01273 877153

Professor Hobday was co-director of the ESRC Complex Product Systems (CoPS) Innovation Centre, until 2006, when the programme formally ended. Mike continues to work on innovation management in CoPS, project-based industries and East and South Asian innovation studies. He has industrial experience in the semiconductor industry (Texas Instruments Ltd, UK, 1969-1978), a DPhil (in telecommunications policy), MA Economics, and a first in BA(Hons) Economics.

Mike has published widely on how innovation in high-technology, high-value capital goods (CoPS) contributes to competitiveness in advanced countries. His book 'Innovation in East Asia' (1995) was the first detailed analysis of how East Asian firms caught up in countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. He has conducted consultancy for governments, private companies and international agencies, including studies of the world semiconductor, telecommunications and electronics industries. He has produced more than 150 publications, including five books, numerous articles on technology management, and policy reports on industrial innovation and competitiveness.

He currently advises Siemens on innovation strategies for CoPS, focusing on project-based innovation. Mike is developing new proposals in several areas of innovation including project-based innovation in the UK, innovation and crime and innovation and bureaucracy.

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