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Dr David Lain

Senior Research Fellow

Brighton Business School

Telephone: +441273641922


David joined Brighton Business School in September 2008. He has a DPhil in Sociology from the University of Sussex, and previously worked as a Researcher at the Institute for Employment Studies.

David's recent research has primarily focused on older workers and retirement, with a particular focus on employment beyond age 65. He has published a number of journal articles and book chapters on this topic, and he has written book, 'Reconstructing Retirement', exploring prospects for extended working lives in the UK and USA. The book draws together research conducted during a three-year Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship; for more details see

David was the Principal Investigator for the Economic and Social Research Council 'Rethinking Retirement' seminar series, working with Professors Sarah Vickerstaff and Wendy Loretto ( He was co-editor of two journal special issues collecting papers from the series (in the journals Employee Relations), and pension reforms in Anglo Saxon countries (in Social Policy and Society). David also worked with Professor Sarah Vickerstaff on the EU project 'Understanding the employment participation of older workers'.

David is currently a co-investigator on the Economic and Social Research Council project 'Uncertain Futures: Managing Late-Career Transitions and Extended Working Lives'. He is leading a qualitative project on grandparents and employment, working with the charity Granparents Plus. David is also working on a project exploring the management of older workers in UK and Norwegian organisations (funded by the Norwegian Research Council). He is member of the Associate Editorial Board of the journal Work, Employment and Society.

David has presented his research to a range of policy audiences, including the European Economic and Social Committee of the European Parliament, and the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. His commentary on older workers and retirement has been published by The Guardian newspaper, Personnel Today, Mature Times, HRZone, the Institute of Leadership and Management and the Voice of Russia Radio.

In addition to his research on older workers, David has co-ordinated a Santander-funded research project on young people, employment and internships in Spain and the UK. He also worked with Professor Jacqueline O'Reilly on the EU Workcare Synergies project, which brought together research on labour market transitions across the life-course.

David currently supervises three PhD students: Christine Lewis is examining the abolition of the Educational Maintenance Allowance for young people; Karen Hanley is exploring the employment choices of older people in Denmark; and Dave Wright is researching employment in older age in Germany and the UK. David welcomes enquiries from potential PhD students interested in conducting research on issues related to age, employment and policy.

David teaches Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management.

David is a member of CROME.

Research Publications

Number of items: 21.

van der Horst, Mariska, Vickerstaff, Sarah, Lain, David, Clark, Charlotte and Baumberg Geiger, Ben (2016) Pathways of paid Work, care provision, and volunteering in later careers: activity substitution or extension? Work, aging and retirement. pp. 1-23. ISSN 2054-4642

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Lain, David (2009) Secondary workers? Employers' use of workers over 65 in the UK and USA: A preliminary analysis In: British Academy of Management Conference 2009, 15-17 Sep 2009, Brighton, UK.

Lain, David (2009) Welfare for Older People in the UK and USA: Shifting policy logics? In: Society for the advancement of Socio-Economics Annual Meeting: Capitalism in Crisis: What next?, 16-18 July 2009, Paris, France.

Lain, David and Aston, Jane (2005) Literature Review of Evidence on e-Learning in the Workplace Institute of Employment Studies.

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